Great big creative.
Itty-bitty costs.

Press, Media & Public Relations
Corporations: $2,500/month.
Artists: $1,500/month.

Commercials - already recorded (the "Hot Spots")...

Select one of our Hot Spots, each complete with persuasive creative concept, excellent music and superb voiceovers.
We'll record your sales message in the 40-to-50-second "donut" for just $275.

Or we can send you the Hot Spot as is, so you can have your sales message recorded at your favorite radio station. This is just $175.

A bargain either way. Better buy two right now.

Already-recorded music...
Select one of our already-recorded music tracks (listen to samples), and we license it to you to use on your commercial, video, show, etc. Just $75. You can't beat that.

G-Man Marketing, Perfectly Suited
Custom commercials...
Tell us about your product or service. We come up with a concept and develop a script.
We read it to you over the phone or do a rough demo (probably with Scott reading the voices and indicating sound effects by saying things like "whoosh" and "vrooom").
Once you approve it, we record the commercial with voices and sound effects, plus our wonderful music.
A custom-made commercial recorded in the G-Man studio costs... well, it's negotiable.
For a good cause and an agency doing pro bono work, we've done spots for free or at cost.
On the other hand, we've received a hundred dollars a second for some assignments. Most budgets are in between. (Special artists, like a Pergonian flauva player, cost extra.)

Custom music...
We'd love to compose something for you. Tell us the tone and style of your commercial, and we will write and perform a terrific track for you. A custom music track recorded in our studio costs $575. 

Special Notes and SAQ (Sometimes Asked Questions):
50% non-refundable "kill fee" (we love that phrase) required in advance on custom work. For already-recorded work, 100% is required prior to shipping.
Hidden charges? Yeah: shipping costs.
TV music? Sure thing.
License our concept but produce it yourself? Okay.
Hire us for writing only? Fine.

License a G-Man song? Great!
Fees are to license our work, not buy it outright. On already-recorded work, a "1-time use" is a contiguous 12-week period. On custom music, we usually license for a year.
We always retain the music publishing rights ('cause mama didn't raise no fool).

We'd love to work with you.
This stuff sounds more complicated than it really is.
Let's talk!

G-Man Music & Marketing Miracles
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Legal beagles suggest this page is akin to a contract, so we gotta put this in: Prices & terms are for guideline purposes; your invoice may differ. See composer for details.

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